How to Make Money with Facebook Ads in Nigeria: Complete Guide for Beginners 2022


How to Make Money with Facebook Ads in Nigeria

According to Statista, Facebook has about 3 billion users. What this means is that Facebook is not only the most popular social media network in the world, the Metaverse company holds billions of data in its database. This is why advertisers consider Facebook the most effective ads platform in the world.

Nigerians have not exactly tapped into the immense opportunity of Facebook ads. Most Nigerian users are busy sharing posts and cute pictures. The few that are creating Facebook ads don’t get maximum results.

Now, I can outline three (3) main reasons many Nigerians don’t make money with Facebook ads. First, a whole lot of people think that since they do not have personal products to sell online, they do not have what to advertise. Second, people who actually do create ads don’t sell the right products. Third, the ones who sell the right products have ineffective Facebook ads strategy.

The solution to these three problems is what this guide is all about.

If you fall into any of those categories and you’re wondering if you can still make money with Facebook ads nevertheless, the answer is YES! Because, right here in this post, I will be breaking down how you can make money with Facebook ads in Nigeria.

What this guide will be covering includes creating Facebook ads, using the Facebook Ads Manager, how Facebook Ads actually works, types of Facebook ads, and how to set up your payment in Naira for easy and faster payment processing.

You will get the most out of this guide if you don’t skip any part of it. Why? The structure of the writing is such that each section is best understood with the knowledge of the previous section.

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads stands for Facebook Advertisements. Facebook ads is any advertising that is hosted on the Facebook social media platform. There are different reasons why people advertise on Facebook. One of it is that Facebook is the largest social media network and can expose a business to a colossal number of audiences. Another reason is that Facebook advertising is actually cheaper when compared to other popular ads networks. E-commerce companies spend millions of dollars monthly just to get their products before Facebook audiences. Same for other industries. NGOs also engage in advertisements on Facebook to widen their reach ad audience.

Anybody anywhere with an active Facebook account can create and run ads on Facebook. And if they do it well, there’s a lot of profit to be made.

Facebook ads can be highly rewarding. There are agencies and individuals who double or triple their ads capital in a week or a month on Facebook. On the other hand, it can be tough and daunting. Ads may not deliver as expected, making losses inevitable in that case. However, the majority of entrepreneurs and individuals who record a loss on Facebook ads got it wrong somewhere somehow.

So, as a beginner, your business ought to be trying to get yourself familiar with how Facebook ads work and how to make the maximum results from the minimum budget. Also, you should get familiar with the types of ads there are before you even start to think of running ads on Facebook.

How Facebook Ads Work

How Facebook Ads Algorithm Work

Online marketers prefer Facebook for their adverts. This is because the Facebook ads algorithm is a powerful one that allows them to focus on selling to the right people. They are also able to create ads with little trouble getting it done.

You must have heard that successful marketing is not about reaching everybody; it is about reaching the right people. This is what Facebook ads allow advertisers to do.

So how do Facebook ads do this?

Facebook ads allow advertisers to reach their preferred audiences using important data metrics that help them group audiences and then focus on to the target group. These groupings are done using Facebook data metrics like geographics(locations), age brackets, gender, education, relationship status, languages, and other social demographics like interests and behaviours.

Also, Facebook ads use its powerful algorithm to help advertisers who don’t want to create by themselves and on their own their ads. Facebook can help you generate carousel ads by pulling information from the account or the page from which you want to create the ads. A carousel is a slideshow of images (You will learn about carousel ads in the next section).

Types of Facebook Ads

There are five (5) types of Facebook ads to fit into different advert needs. The ads type to choose depends on your aim for the campaign you want to run. Below are the types of Facebook ads, and brief commentaries on them.

  1. Image Ads: Image ads are the type of Facebook ads in which an image is shown to the audience. The image ideally should be a product or a clear depiction of the information being sent across to the audience. The image to be used must be in the JPG or PNG format, 1080 x 1080 pixels size, and must have good resolution. Using blurry, pixelated images will deliver poor results.
  2. Carousel Ads: Carousel is a group of images sliding one to the other. As a type of Facebook ads, Carousel ads let you stack up a maximum of 10 images in a single ad. Facebook Carousel ads can also contain a video. Each picture in a carousel ad has a unique link to it. This allows you to direct customers to different product pages, unlike the single image Facebook ads type.
  3. Instant Experience: Instant experience Facebook ads type allows you to create a catalogue for products. The advantage of this ads type is that your audience can quickly in your ads. This can greatly impact your audience’s buying decision if they like your catalogue. This ads category is mostly used by e-commerce guys.
  4. Collection: Collection Facebook ads type pair with instant experience ads type. They can hold images and videos.
  5. Video Ads: Facebook video ads types are the most popular and by far the most effective. A video ads allows you to showcase your products in creative ways that you will find difficult to achieve with the other ads types. Apart from that, Facebook video ads can be displayed in many places like the feeds, stories, reels etc

Before we can get to the place where we will create Facebook ads, we must have a Facebook ads manager.

What is Facebook Ads Manager?

As the name implies, Facebook Ads Manage is the panel where you can create and control what happens with and to your advertisement campaigns. To get a Facebook Ads Manager panel, you need an active Facebook account or page.

Next is to head over to Playstore or Appstore to download Meta Ads Manager, if you’re using a smartphone.

Otherwise, you can stick to the web version here Facebook Ads Manager

Once you get your Facebook ads manager account, follow the step-by-step outline below:

  • Choose a campaign objective for your ads: A campaign objective is a focus, the reason for the ads you are about to create. You can choose your campaign objective under the “Choose a Campaign Objective tab”.  Facebook provides the following objectives: brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages, conversions, catalogue sales, store traffic etc.
  • Up next, you are asked to name your campaign, after which you must now complete your campaign details.
    • Under this tab, you will set your budget optimization, spending limits, A/B Tests and all that.
  • Next, you set your audience: location, age, demographics, and all other metrics to help narrow it down to your specific audiences.

How to Make Money with Facebook Ads in Nigeria

Up to this point, this guide has been about understanding Facebook ads. Now, we will go into talks about how to determine what to sell, how to sell, and how to use this knowledge to make money online in Nigeria.

Products to Sell with Facebook Ads

Many beginners often think that with a knowledge of how to use the ads manager, they are good to go. That is not true. Using Facebook ads for selling products and services will not give you the right results if you don’t have the right things (products) to sell.

Talking about right products, no one can say specifically which product is right or wrong. But we can determine which products Facebook users want to spend money on or not. This part is tricky but try and get it right. I am saying, any product can sell on Facebook provided there are buyers who want to spend money on it.

In a nutshell, to get the idea of what products to sell with Facebook ads, stop asking yourself what you want to sell. Start asking yourself what people want to buy. This is the question of the new outlook that will help you determine what products to sell with Facebook ads

What do Facebook audiences want to buy?

To get anything close to a good answer to this now question, you must do quick research.

Pick a niche. Any popular niche, say baby products.

Use the Facebook search bar and let’s search for a product in that niche. Query the keyword and check out video advertisements you can find in the search results. See the products that are popular in the ads you can find. If there is an advert about, say “baby strollers” you can almost determine whether they are selling or not with the number of views and engagement under these advert posts.

If there are many likes and comments, this may be a pointer that people like that product and buy it.

That sort of product is a product to sell with Facebook ads.

Now, let’s say you have a personal product you would like to sell and you’re wondering if you could sell it.

For example, you have created an ebook about how to get high-paying clients on Upwork and you want to sell it. But there is a problem. You don’t have a website where you can list your product.

What you need to do is:

  • Go to Selar and create an account.
  • Create your product sales funnel and include your product.
  • Copy the link.
  • Go to Facebook Ads Manager and create your ad.
  • Paste your link so that audience can be taken to your selar page.
  • They buy your product and you get paid.

How to Create Effective Facebook Ads

Now that you have decided on a product to sell, let us go over how to actually sell your products with Facebook ads. You see, the key to selling highly on Facebook is to create effective ads campaigns.

Creating effective ads is the art of selling with Facebook ads. To sell to people who are having delirium of scrolling through different gists and gossips online, you have to, first of all, capture their attention. To do this, your ads must be catchy and appropriate.

  • Use Video Ads: Video ads are more effective on Facebook than other ads types. If you actually did the search in the previous section, you would observe that most of the ads are video ads. And very often, if you find different ads under the same niche, the video ads are always outperforming the other ads types.
  • Engage fresh and creative marketing in your ads: Creative marketing can sell your products beyond what you could imagine. If you were trying to sell a product with video ads, creativity is when you bring a new approach to a solution that will address the problems your ideal audiences have. This brings us to the next point.
  • Understand the audience for whom you are creating the ads: Understanding your audience will allow you to target them well. And it will also allow you to tailor the ads to fit their needs. Are they young women who worry about their make-overs? Play into this. Or are they pet owners? Factor this into consideration.
  • Your video ads should follow the Problem – Solution – Product – CTA model: The Problem – Solution – Product – CTA model involves first raising the emotions of the audience by presenting a problem that they have, then releasing the knot by proclaiming a solution for them. After this, pitch your product and do the description. And finally, you want to include a call to action (CTA) to make them act on the information you have given them. This model has proven to be highly effective for marketers who use video ads.
  • As an e-commerce website owner who wants to drive traffic to your website, don’t make videos about a single product, instead, you should create a collection that can pair with an instant experience to create a catalogue for your audience to quickly shop. This also makes sense because if you’re into women’s accessories, a number of different products may grab attention better than a single product.

Targeting the Right Location

Facebook allows you to target country-specific audiences with its algorithm. This is especially useful if you are targeting products or services for particular geo. For example, let’s say you have an agency that helps people register their businesses with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), you want to make sure your ads are targeted at Nigerians because they are the ones who need your services.

Showing your ads about CAC registration to South African audiences is a waste because they don’t need it.

More on locations… If you own an ecommerce website you must know before running Facebook ads for your products which locations can you maximum results.

How to Set Up Naira Payment for Facebook Ads in Nigeria

Facebook allows you to pay in Naira for running ads on the platform. One advantage of paying in Naira is that you get to pay only exactly the amount you want to pay. It cancels out the extra charges that come with paying in dollars, that’s talking about exchange rates and all that jazz.

The following are the steps to set up Naira payment for Facebook ads:

  • First, you must have a Facebook Ads Manager account (In case you don’t already have it, create one here
  • Inside Facebook Ads Manager, find the payment methods page.
  • Click in on the “Add Money” tab
  • Select “Naira Payment with Mastercard and Visa – PayU” and click continue
  • Fund the amount you want
  • Wait for a “Payment Successful” pop message and that’s it.

The money you paid will have been added to your balance. Each time your ads run, the units are deducted from the balance. This is because you cannot pay out from the account (you cannot withdraw the balance in your Ads account).


Facebook ads is a fantastic way to make money online in Nigeria. Choose a digital product/ service to sell, create your Facebook ads and run it on your budget. When choosing a product, you should remember that the most important question is determining what people want to buy and how best you can sell it to them.

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