Learnoflix Affiliate Review 2022: My Honest In-Depth Review of Three Month Experience

Learnoflix Reviews

Not sure if Learnoflix is for you? You have come to the right place.

Unlike all of the other Learnoflix affiliate reviews out there, which were written by people who never used the platform but wrote a review to generate affiliate income. In this review, We will dive deep into Learnoflix Affiliate after using it for three months. 


Spoiler: I am still using it!

However, I recommend sticking to the end if you want to find out their biggest limitation.

What is Learnoflix?

Learnoflix is an online education platform that allows users to access and learn high-income digital skills and an affiliate marketing website where affiliate marketers signup to promote other people’s products or learnoflix products to earn commissions which are optional.

Learnoflix Affiliate program is not just an online academy. Imagine that after they teach you the skills, they will also show you the people who need your service and pay you for implementing them.

Affiliate marketers earn passive and active income through the incredible Learnoflix affiliate program ecosystem.

In addition, the company was founded on 19th April 2020 by a billionaire public speaker and mentor, Sam Harvard. At the time of documentation, Learnoflix has over 60,000+ members worldwide.


How does Learnoflix works?

Learnoflix is an excellent resource for anyone worldwide who wants to learn more about a particular skill or expand their knowledge base in general. The platform’s wide variety of content and features make it an ideal choice for students and professionals.

When you sign up on the platform, you learn ten high-income skills and four ways to monetize them in 30 days as a complete novice that can earn you 40 streams of income. Learnoflix is growing fast and globally because these skills are highly in demand.

Also, from building a business online, when you learn these million-dollar skills, you can also list, promote or even sell your digital products on Learnoflix. You can check that on their Ecoach section on the platform.

Learnoflix vs Expertnaire: Learnoflix has a competitor called Expertanire. However, Leanroflix is global, which gives it a hedge over Expertnaire because people from other parts of the world can access the platform.

To access the platform, you must pay a signup fee of $100 as a VIP and $25 as a basic, with no renewal fee.

On the Learnoflix affiliate program, you earn 40% each time someone uses your link to signup on the platform. When that person from your team refers to other affiliates or people who want to acquire the skills, you will earn 10% down to the third tier, making it another 10% commission as a VIP member. That is the exciting part of Learnoflix because you are earning passive income. 

What differentiates a VIP member and a Basic member

Learnoflix VIP Pack

  • Full access to all training and videos On The 30 DIC Program
  • Full access to The 2MI48 Blueprint Course And Make Money Faster
  • Promote 6 Categories Of Products And Earn Massively
  • Earn 40% Tier 1, 10% Tier 2 and another 10% on Tier 3 as A VIP Member
  • Learn 14 Digital Skills And 56 Income Streams + 20 Courses From 7 Figure Coaches All Over The World.

Learnoflix BASIC Pack

  • Access to The 2MI48 Blueprint Course And Make Money Faster
  • Promote 30DIC And Earn 40% Commission (Not Withdrawable Till Upgrade)
  • Withdrawal Restricted, (Can Upgrade With Earning To VIP To Activate Withdrawal And Other Access)
  • This Package Is Only For Those Who Can’t Afford $100 But Needs To Get Started. You can Raise Money For The VIP Package With The BASIC PACKAGE.

You can access the platform anytime through the Learnoflix affiliate login page to access the resources without limitation because your account is for a lifetime. In addition, you get a welcome page that shows you how to navigate the platforms when you log in.


Is Learnoflix Legit or Scam?

After my research and still using the platform, Learnoflix is not a scam. It is a legitimate business. It is a platform to learn and earn passive income. This review will examine Learnoflix and whether the platform delivers as promised.

The company was founded in 2021 by founder Sam Harvard, who helped over 60,000 become millionaires. The company’s name is Learnoflix, registered under the Nigerian corporate affairs commission (CAC) in August 2020 as a limited liability company.
Like every other business online, there can be speculations that a company is a fraud, but it has been paying affiliates for two years.

Learnoflix has a great value proposition that is selling the platform. That encourages affiliates to make more money and provides a platform for course creators to sell more leveraging affiliates.

Learnoflix has made it easy for affiliates with the DONE FOR YOU resources he has created, and I must confess even a newbie or 16 years old can use the platform to generate income for themselves. With this technique, I find it hard for the system to crash because there must be cash flow coming into the system as long as affiliates keep promoting the platform and selling their courses.

Learnoflix Courses: And why they stand out

We will be diving into the top courses on Learnoflix that can make you millions in a short period of time if you learn and implement.

Name of CourseDescription
2MI48 (MAKE MONEY IN 48HOURS)Paid Ads(best of its kind) Strategies You can use to win with Affiliate Marketing.
LAP 30 Days Challenge – Learn All The 10 Skills In 30Days And Generate Over $1000 In Income (MUST WATCH)This Course Is A 30days (Two Sessions A Day) Bootcamp Course.

It contains all the 10 skills of LAP and a lot of practical hands-on training. This is a true HARD-CORE.

You will be learning on the go, so get ready with your laptop, mobile phone, and social media accounts.

A list of the 10 high-income skills you will learn is: Copywriting skills, Web design and SEO, Content Creation (YouTube, Blogging, podcasting included), Social Media and Search Engine Marketing, Sales and Closing, Graphic Design and Video Editing, Presentation Skills, Email and WhatsApp Marketing, Sales Funnel (Copywriting, types of funnels, page interaction, strategy testing) and Coaching.
The Ultimate Guide To Anonymous SellingThe Strategy, one of Sam’s mentees, Used To Close over 2 Million in 54 Days On Learnoflix Affiliate Program Anonymously. This course is for you if you want to sell online without showing your face.
The PATTS Framework courseThe PATTS Framework Course by Kenny Nwokoye (The Organic Commando).
And several others…

How do affiliates get paid?

Affiliates on Learnoflix have many options in choosing how they get paid. For example, as an affiliate, you can get paid in dollars via Payoneer, PayPal, or local currencies (bank account). At the same time, other African countries can choose to get paid in their local currency, mobile money or bank account.

Learnoflix payout is usually done on Fridays, so you will have to Request for Payout by logging into your account, navigating to your wallet, entering the exact amount in dollars you want to withdraw and sending a request.


After that, the funds will need to be processed and sent to your account. See the image below.

The Cons: what’s so bad about Learnoflix?

  1. There are a few courses for now: this needs to be worked on because the student will want to have other courses to promote on the marketplace, but the courses available at the moment are very high-in-demand courses that are sellable any time any day, but Learnoflix promised that the entire platform would be remodified, and more updates will be added in few months to come, and he announced the launch of Learnoflix 2.0 will be launched. 
  2. The marketplace where to promote: the marketplace needs to be well optimized to be able to navigate to courses fast. I hope this will also be addressed in the new update. 

The Pros: What’s so good about Learnoflix?

  1. 4 High Converting Done For You Funnels: I must give an accolade to Learnoflix because they have provided four types of marketing strategies to convert prospects to paid members. I also used one of the funnels to close four sales in 3 days, one week after joining the platform using the 2MI48 blueprint.  
  2. It is available for International users: This was what attracted me to signup for Learnoflix. After losing money on Clickbank when my account got suspended, I have been looking for ways to make money from affiliate marketing. I call Learnoflix the African Clickbank.
  3. Multiple support channels/Communities for users: Learnoflix has various ways to contact them via email, Whatsapp, or open tickets from your account. When you join Learnoflix, you can access their Facebook, telegram and WhatsApp communities, where you get to interact with other affiliates. The telegram group and channel are very interactive, with lovely admins ready to assist you if you face any challenge.
  4. Zoom calls and weekly telegram Q&A session: Sam Harvard comes live every Saturday for a zoom session, while on the telegram channel, there is a Q&A session, Monday-Friday for newbies with challenges or members who have questions to be answered.

Learnoflix Registration: how to create an account

You will need your full name, email, password and phone number to create an account on Learnoflix.

To get started as a student ready to get to train in your chosen skill, click here to register as an affiliate, promote online courses and earn passive income.

Use the image below as a guide to navigating the Learnoflix login page; you will see referred by “NTGWKV”


After filling in your details, proceed and click “continue.”

After signing up on Learnoflix, you will receive a confirmation email with your login details and a login URL to access your account and pay the membership fee.

Please pay attention to how to make payment on the Learnoflix platform and select the payment method for your country.

  1. It is for the International users who have a bank card
  2. For Nigerian users
  3. While this option is for International users who do not have a bank card to make payments online, the alternative is via mobile money.

When done with the payment, you will see instructions on what to do by contacting any admin to inform them you have made your payment. Note that you will not get access to the platform if you dont make a payment to activate your account.

Learnoflix Video Review

Four ways to make money on Learnoflix

  1. Course vendor: you can monetize your course by uploading your course on the platform as an expert and making money
  2. Affiliate Referral program: make money by referring other affiliates/users who want to promote the online courses to others/audiences.
  3. Students Referral program: you will also make money anytime you refer others who want to learn any skills listed on Learnoflix.
  4. Course sales: you will also make money by selling digital products to others and your audiences.

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Get these bonuses when you register with my Affiliate link

  • A step-by-step video guide to hold you by the hand and show you everything you need to learn as you build your Affiliate Marketing business
  • Free access to my strategies that make me a minimum of 300K+ weekly
  • 24/7 phone-call/zoom access to me to walk you through stuff when you’re stuck. This is priceless
  • Free access to my exclusive course that teaches you how to build your audience on Whatsapp so that you wake up to sales every day
  • Free access to my sales templates that have generated over 2M in sales (I have never shared this with anyone before)

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Below is my result and what I have earned in three months of learning and implementing the Learnoflix affiliate program. I will keep updating you guys with my results.



Indeed, the economy is not in good shape, and things are getting worst. Making money in dollars is the best thing to get started with. With the high inflation rate, one must create an online business that I will gladly recommend to anyone to get started without stress. Zero risk or low risk is an Affiliate marketing business where you don’t need to own a physical shop to start.

Learnoflix has made it easy for anyone without experience to start making money online. Not just the money we make from Learnoflix, but the high-income skills you acquire can not be taken away from you, which I call an asset.

I am a third-class graduate, and after waiting for years of no job, I had to start surfing the internet before I learned how people make crazy money online. People see online businesses as a scam or Ponzi, which is not. However, there are tons of scams online, so one must be careful and do due diligence.

Lastly, if you are not ready to work by learning, following instructions and implementing Learnoflix is not for you. If you enjoyed reading my Learnoflix Review and have any questions, please leave your comment here to be answered.

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