Royal Q Bot Review 2023: My Honest In-Depth Review [Update]

Royal Q trading bot

My Royal Q Bot Review

In today’s Royal Q trading robot review, we’ll examine the platform to determine whether or not you can profit from using it.

Or it’s simply another online scam.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor or Crypto Expert. All opinions shared on my blog are for information purposes only. It is not intended to be a piece of investment advice.

There are a lot of ways to make money on the internet legitimately, and one of the quickest ways to know a business that’s doing well is to spot what they are selling and how they are selling it.

Frequently, when I see a company making high ROI promises, I focus on what they are selling.

It only takes a matter of time before a firm collapses if there is no actual VALUE it provides.

Therefore, I’ll give a complete Royal Q review in today’s article by describing the platform’s functionality.

And if Royal Q Trading is a genuine platform, how can you expect to profit from it?

In reality, everyone enjoys earning money while they sleep without putting in much effort.

Who wouldn’t adore that, after all?

But before parting with your money for a product or service that has received too much hype, you should conduct an adequate investigation.

Hence, our royal q bot review.

After this post, I aim to address most of your inquiries about the Royal Q trading BOT.

What is Royal Q Trading Bot?

Royal Q trading BOT is a computer program based on a set of cryptocurrency trading signals that helps determine whether to buy or sell a crypto pair at a given time.

It was developed in China and owned by a Chinese company.

The Royal q robot makes use of modern technology to determine trading rates. It is only a click away to start a quantitative trading system and realize intelligence trading. In addition, the robot monitors and tracks the big data algorithms and adjusts to real-time market conditions.

Royal q robot trading is a semi-automated AI trading bot which means before the robot starts to trade for you, you, on the other hand, will need to pick a crypto pair to trade after doing some of the market statistics in trading.

If you need to learn how to do market analysis, you have nothing to worry about because there are copy traders you can use to trade with the click of a button. They will be the ones to help you pick to select the coins and trade them for you.

As we proceed, I will talk more about the strategies on how to trade with the Royal Q bot so that you can be profitable with royal q robot trading during bear and bull seasons.

Royal Q trading bot does all the work for you, whereby the user doesn’t need to be on computer 247. It analyses, interprets, and calculates the market risk before buying and selling crypto assets takes place on your behalf.

A royal q robot trading bot is like hiring a professional human trader to help you do the trading.

The fact about cryptocurrencies is that it is known to be very volatile, so for you to be able to trade, you need always to be online 247, which will be very difficult for a human to do. Imagine executing 100s of trades daily. This is where the royal q robot trading bot (Royal Quantitative) comes in handy to help conduct trades and also execute transactions on behalf of the users.

How Does Royal Q Trading Bot Work?

Before using the Royal Q trading bot, users will need to integrate the app with a trading platform or third-party exchange.

Here is the list of exchanges Royal Q only integrates with at the time of writing this post:

  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • Coinbase
  • Indodax
  • Kraken

Before starting, the first thing is registering for an account with Royal Q. Then, you can download the app from the Google play store for Android users and IOS device users on the Apple store.

If you don’t have an account with Binance, you can create one here and verify the account with BVN or any means of identification you have.

Before using the Royal Q trading bot you will need to pay an activation fee of $120 in usdt (TRC-20). The $120 is for a one-year subscription and another $20 for the trading fuel fee, totaling $140 in usdt for both the fuel fee and activation fee excluding the trading capital. Trading capital can be $100 and above.

If you already have a Binance account you don’t need to create a new one. Login to your Binance account and connect your Royal Q trading bot with your Binance API key to begin trading with the Bot.

The trading fuel fee is a small fee that the BOT charges each time it picks trades (Buy/Sell) for users. The profit sharing is 80/20. Once each trades profit, the Robot keeps 20% while 80% is for the user. Since the Robot cannot take out funds from your Binance account or crypto exchange, it will manually deduct it from the Bot wallet, where you will need to put some usdt, like $20, to be charged the trading fuel fee.

The actual trading capital will be in your Binance or Huobi account. So there’s limited access to your funds.

You are in control of your money since your money is in your Binance or Huobi account. The Royal Q app uses only the capital in your USDT wallet, and profit or loss from all the trades drops in the pair wallet. However, the only money that goes to Royal Q is the 120usdt activation fee and fuel fee.

What Makes Royal Q Trading Bot Legit?

Every novice or seasoned trader in the cryptocurrency market must have heard about crypto trading bots, and the fundamental signs to watch out for will indicate if they are legitimate or not.

Crypto trading bots are programs designed to track and study the cryptocurrency markets, as you are probably aware. Due to the lack of sentiment and the use of predetermined methods and algorithms, they can place buy and sell orders on the trader’s behalf, producing and maximizing profits.

Royal Q robot trading fits the description of a crypto trading bot, but given the excitement surrounding it, one can question its reliability and viability.

A few weeks ago, after speaking with an authority and friend in the crypto space, I came to the conclusion that there had been a misperception regarding cryptocurrency trading bots, and the same misconception applies to Royal Q.

It’s critical to first understand what to search for to determine whether Royal Q is secure and legitimate before ranking it among the best crypto trading bots.

There are numerous possibilities for crypto bots, and in order for you to know that a crypto trading bot is legitimate, it must check the following boxes:

  1. It has an open-source development process
  2. Has a support team (transparent)
  3. Practical Profit generation
  4. Has track records of security
  5. Run by a reliable company
  6. Has reviews and testimonies from real users
  7. Intuitive interface and simple control settings.
  8. Keeps you in control of your funds
  9. It might not necessarily be free but has a secure and reasonable payment plan
  10. Where it has referral opportunities, the bot should have a realistic earning pattern.

After determining the criteria for what constitutes a legitimate and secure cryptocurrency trading bot, I went on to compare the Royal Q Trading bot’s activities to these criteria to determine how well it lived up to its claims of reliability, validity, and profitability.

How to Make Money with Royal Q?

As previously stated, the requirement of Practical Profit production for any legitimate crypto trading robot was one of the key points I kept in mind while assessing the Royal Q App.

We need to verify the accuracy of the Royal Q Trading bot’s revenue estimate, as many of its internet influences promote it to declare a bot to be legitimate.

This raised the question of how profitable Royal Q is relative to other capable bots and by industry norms.

You should be aware that not all cryptocurrency bots are profitable. Since I’ve been trading cryptocurrencies for years, there is never a good reason to use bots and doubt their profitability.

In the instance of Royal Q, as the A.I. tool trades on their behalf, users make money through the software as a form of trading profit. Additionally, this profit margin could range from 0.1% to 10% per day and from 50% to 300% per month.

In a recent post, I examined the software’s automated operation. I found that, depending on the algorithm employed for specific trade assets, Royal Q can generate between 2% and 5% of daily profits on non-market days.

Given that the tool’s price is around 50% less than the typical price of comparable trading bots, this is unquestionably profitable.

Royal Q’s income also goes beyond merely trading activities and includes referral networks. In other words, whenever a user refers someone to the tool, they receive a commission that can be converted into money.

There is a chance—a hierarchical structure—that referrals can enhance the commission they receive. This possibility is depicted in V levels, as shown in the graphic below.

Royal q trading bot review | Referral program

1. Trade profits.

You can buy the bot, connect it to your crypto exchanger and allow it to trade for you and on your behalf 24/7 on the crypto spot market while you enjoy the daily repeated profits arising from the Trades.

2. Affiliate marketing

One can decide to share the opportunity with friends and family. When they equally buy the robot to trade, you get paid instantly depending on your rank.


A: There are more to the compensation plan than just the above-stated Activation bonuses if you decide to go for it. Eg. Indirect action bonus, direct quantification, Team quantification, peer rewards, global dividend.

B: It’s not mandatory to share about Royal Q. You do it at will.

C: You can do both trading and affiliate marketing and earn more.

Isn’t this Blockchain miracle Royal Q amazing?

Royal Q Trading Bot Registration

To get started, click on the Sign-Up link here. Invitation Code: 3UUZZ

Royal Q Trading Bot Activation

Binding Royal Q Trading Bot with Binance Account

Royal Q Affiliate Program Compensation Plan

Royal Q Robot Trade Settings

This part is the most crucial of this Royal Q trading robot review. I started using the royal q robot trading on the 6th of July 2021, and it wasn’t apparent because there needed to be proper education on the type of settings to trade with to be profitable. Let me say we were all testing it to understand how it works.

Royal Q trading bot is a semi-automated bot and has 2 types of strategies to trade with?:

  • Cycle trade (It trades 247 hands-frees)
  • One-shot trade (User needs to put in some parameter to use, and it is recommended for short trade or day trade)

Take a look at some results using the cycle trade and one-shot trade.

One-shot trade
One-shot trade

My team and I have done a tutorial video on using the one-shot trade and how you can be profitable with all the tools needed for free. Users can also use cycle trading, but it depends on your trading capital. I highly recommend cycle trade if you have a good amount of trading capital. I want to make this Royal Q trading robot review shorter so you can chat with me to get more info.

Some users also got it wrong when they lost hope in the Royal Q trading bot because they failed to learn how to trade with royal q bot, if you are reading this Royal Q trading robot review, I will recommend you focus on learning the skills with our free video guide available so that you can enjoy earning good profits with the robot daily and that will also make you share the opportunity with others.

Royal Q Trading Bot Pros and Con

Let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of the Royal Q trading robot review. I want us to look at the good and the bad side of the royal q robot trading.


The benefits of using robots to trade cryptocurrencies are listed below.

  • It trades 24/7 without internet or mobile data or WIFI.
  • You have complete control over your funds on the Binance account
  • Your capital and profits made by Royal Q are safe on the exchange website
  • It doesn’t make a loss, and it works to make profits.
  • Royal Q is not an investment platform, but it’s a trading robot that does trading on your behalf
  • You withdraw your capital and profits anytime you want Via P2P trading and have no withdrawal limits.
  • It makes between 50% to 100% and even more monthly, according to the performance of the crypto market
  • Royal Q deals with spot trading, and simply, this is buying low and selling higher to make a profit
  • The Lion’s share of the profit (80%) is given to you, while the company takes only (20%) as its share through the gas fee.


Here is the bad side of using the Royal Q robot trading.

  • It is not an investment platform where you can make money overnight
  • When the crypto market is down, the robot won’t sell, resulting in a floating loss. It will hold the tokens and wait for the need to go up to sell at a profitable price.
  • Possibility of programming errors

Royal Q Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum trading capital for Royal Q Bot?

The $120 activation charge is the only money that goes to Royal Q. The remaining $20 is for the fuel fee, leaving $120 for the yearly subscription.

The minimum you can use to trade on Binance is $10, and your trading capital stays in your Binance account.
Although the minimum trading capital is $100, I suggest you increase your capital for the best chance of making a big profit.

It costs $240 to activate the BOT and start trading on Binance.

2. Is Royal Q Robot Scam or Legit?

Royal Q is not a scam. All you have to do is comprehend how the platform functions. Therefore, learning more about the platform and how to use the app is necessary. Consider this: The $120 annual subscription fee is the only funding source for Royal Q.

And the Robot trades on your behalf around-the-clock using funds from your Binance account.
Your trading capital is secure because it is kept in your Binance USDT wallet, which is one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges available.

Other well-known trading robots can cost anything from $100 and $1,000 each month, but Royal Q costs just $120 annually.

3. Is Royal Q Compatible with Other Crypto Platforms?

Royal Q trading bot is compatible with 5 crypto exchanges and Binance was the first exchange which remains the best exchange in the world as today of writing this Royal Q trading robot review. It is compatible with Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, Indodax, and Kraken.

4. How Safe is Royal Q, Can I Lose My Money?

Since Royal Q only trades spot on Binance and doesn’t employ leverage, it is essentially risk-free for everyone.
In essence, the robot just purchases when the market is weak and then sells again when the market is strong.
However, if there is a loss, floating loss may be a factor. However, you should also be aware that a floating loss is only an actual loss once the item is sold.

Let me describe how it operates.

For instance, if you purchased $100 worth of Litecoin and it declines by 30%, you will experience a floating loss of $30 until the coin regains its value.

Therefore, if you leave it and, say, its value increases, there will be no loss; however, if you sell it inside the floating loss, you will have suffered an actual loss.

As a result, YES, you risk losing your money.

But keep in mind, the same thing holds true for your cryptocurrency assets if you buy them and keep them waiting in your wallet in the hopes that they will increase in value at some point.

Thus, this is not a result of Royal Q but rather the structure of the cryptocurrency market.

5. What happens if the Robot did not make any profit?

This can happen, but only if you have a terrible setting.

6. What does the Q in Royal Q stand for?

The Q stands for Quantitative.


It concludes that if you compare other robot trading bots, you will realize that Royal Q robot trading is the cheapest, and not only that, but it has more features using quantification trading. It is the best crypto trading robot.

Unlike humans, robots don’t eat, drink, sleep or take breaks.

They are not dependent on past data to make future predictions. Instead, they are analytical, monitor live market movement, and make trading decisions accordingly.

As for me, it has been a testimony to the results I have made from trading with it in a short period and sharing it with others while I get trading commissions.

I hope this review helps. Royal Q makes cryptocurrency trading stress-free and fun. Take advantage of this great opportunity now. The company created the bot to make you money and utilize it. Maximize your coin per capital with the best crypto trading robot.

To get access to all the training, you can chat with me via WhatsApp with the link or +2348170068190 on how to trade with the Royal Q bot.

Contact me also to get access to our free live trading signal and training group on how to trade with the royal q bot when you have registered using this link.


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