How to Make Money on YouTube in Nigeria: Comprehensive Guide


Several opportunities abound for Nigerians to make money online, and YouTube is just one of them. With YouTube, you can become financially independent in little time if you can grow a YouTube channel to the point where you can earn as a YouTube Partner. This guide is focused on how to make money on YouTube in Nigeria.

How can you start making money from YouTube as a beginner in Nigeria? If you’ve been wondering what to do and how to do them, this guide is for you. In this guide, you will learn the necessary entry knowledge to gain on how to start creating good quality and unique video content. You can upload them to YouTube, grow your channel, and make much money.

Video content has taken over the internet. You will notice how easy it is to watch a video on Facebook and Instagram than to read a PDF file on your phone or write content on a friend’s timeline. This is the biggest advantage of platforms like YouTube over Facebook and Twitter. And talking about advantages, you should consider how explosive TikTok has become. Even Facebook is gradually tending more and more toward video content-there are stories, and reels, all of which are to support video content.

That is just how important video content has become over the internet.
Creators are the ones who make the video content you see. YouTube handsomely rewards creators who make unique videos. Mr. Beast, a very popular YouTuber, makes about $55,000 daily. Mr. Funny, AKA Sabinus, reportedly makes at least #10m monthly. Mr. Macaroni, Sisi Yemmi, Flavour, etc., are other examples of Nigerians making ridiculous amounts of money online with YouTube. You, too, can make money from YouTube by creating unique video content.

You can do this with your smartphone. But if you have a PC, that makes things easier.
Do you also want to become a YouTuber? Let’s get you started.

What is a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is a video-sharing platform that bridges creators with consumers. A YouTube channel is a creator’s account where the creator shares with the YouTube audience the video content he has created. You can create content about anything and everything. Although, creating content about everything is not a good way to succeed on YouTube.

Also, there are rules on engagement on YouTube that help protect creators from plagiarism.

To make money on YouTube, you need, first of all, to create a YouTube Channel.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube Channel is very easy. Follow the following guide steps:

  • On your smartphone, make sure you are signed in to your Gmail.
  • Or, on your PC, open your browser and sign in to your Gmail.
  • If you don’t have a Gmail account, sign up here.
  • Launch your YouTube App on your smartphone
  • Check to the top right corner, and click on the last tab. 
  • Create your YouTube Channel Name and Description

Customizing your channel panel is often good practice because it helps attract more followers. 

Now that you have a YouTube Channel let’s get to the details of how to get content for your YouTube channel. Also, we will subsequently talk about how you can build your subscribers to 1000 and more so that you can start earning as soon as possible.

YouTube Channel Video Content Ideas

Before you can even begin to question what video content you should upload on your YouTube channel, you should decide what niche to go into. The niche is what determines what you upload to your channel. There are more than one thousand niches to consider for your channel. There are super-niches, sub-niches, and micro-niches. Sometimes, the niche you go into can impact your success and how fast it is. This is because some niches are known to grow viral quickly, while some are more of a steady growth. 

But before you decide on a niche, you must consider that you need to be making your videos and editing them too. 

I have handpicked some of the niches that I think are the best and easiest to start as a beginner in Nigeria. This is what the next section is about. 

Good YouTube Channel Ideas in Nigeria

  1. Entertainment: The entertainment niche on YouTube is one of the niches that receive the most attention from audiences. During the last Big Brother Naija Reality Show, most channels covering the show were receiving hundreds of thousands and millions of views in a short time. 

You can have a YouTube channel that blogs about popular Instagram celebrities and their controversial lifestyles. For example, many channels recently cashed out and are still cashing out big from the active and controversial life of Portable, a Nigerian street musician who went viral in early 2022. I know someone averaging $1200 monthly on his entertainment YouTube channel. And that is earnings from YouTube AdSense alone. 

To run a successful entertainment YouTube channel, you must be active on Instagram and Twitter to catch the latest gossipto make videos about.

2. Tech: The tech niche is widely accepted on YouTube and one of those niches where you can earn heavily. It is a super niche. Although many believe that this niche may be saturated, you can still find your audience and followership if you can niche down on one thing. There are many sub-niches and micro-niches in the tech niche to choose from. For example, you can run a tech product review channel. That is a sub-niche. Or you can do only Samsung smartphone reviews on your channel. That is a micro-niche. Make videos about iPhone hacks, fixes, etc. 

3. DIY: The Do It Yourself (DIY) niche is an evergreen YouTube niche where the audience is almost always loyal to a fault. DIY niche involves making videos about doing some common and uncommon things yourself, even if you have little technical knowledge. Although not always about unusual things. 

You can make videos of crafts, hacks for different occupations, how to fix things at home, etc. If you know how to build a parrot’s nest with home equipment, fix fault extension boxes, and unlock padlocks without keys, this niche is for you. Need I say that his niche needs your creativity? If you are creative, you will make a lot of money here.  

4. Cooking/Baking: Cooking/baking channels receive millions of views monthly on YouTube. Why? Because who doesn’t love food? You can create a YouTube channel about preparing delicacies or baking special cakes. For example, you can have your channel be about Nigerian foods. You can even talk about Igbo, Yoruba, or Hausa dishes. Sisi Yemmi is a popular Nigerian YouTuber who makes much money from YouTube in the food niche. 

If you can bake, you can easily create explainer videos on bake fluffy, red velvet cake. The views will come in their thousands. 

5. Comedy: I didn’t mention this under the entertainment category because it is a niche worthy of a separate mention. Think about popular comedians you know. Then go on YouTube to check out their channels. You’ll see hundreds of thousands and even millions of views. That should give you an idea of how popular and acceptable comedy channels are on YouTube. 

People want a comic relief from the stress of their everyday lives. So, they turn to comedy videos to provide them with this relief. 

You can create a comedy YouTube channel where you upload your comedy videos. Or you can be doing comedy compilations on your channel. But, beware of copyright issues in this case. 

6. TikTok Compilation: TikTok is the most popular video-centered social media platform now. Most viral trends for videos come from TikTok. Recently, a Togolese girl on TikTok named Kelly went extremely viral. Many people started searching for her content on the internet. If you have a YouTube channel that compiles TikTok trends, imagine the views you would get from Kelly’s videos.

7. Education: One could argue that YouTube is the world’s top free educational video-sharing platform. There is tons of potential for people here who can teach something in plain language to others and make them understand it. For example, people always seek to learn how to solve algebra every day and want to understand quantum mechanics every time. The number of students who want to learn how to balance chemical equations always increases. Although there are a lot of known channels in this area, Khan Academy being a good example, the opportunity for new channels to get a steady followership is not bad at all. You can start a child education channel, or physics problems solutions channels. Engineering problems channels are not bad too. 

8. Health: The health niche is evergreen. The content here needs to be very well planned, and you should know what you are discussing in your videos. Because the health niche pertains to people’s lives. 

You can simply record yourself talking about how to prevent disease, how to cure an infection, symptoms of an illness, etc. You can also make your channel a no-face channel. A no-face channel does not require you to show your face. 

  1. Make money Online: The make money online niche is huge on YouTube. This niche is one of the most consumed on the internet because everyone is looking for viable ways of making money from the comfort of their rooms. To start the MMO niche, you should be ready to research new and uncommon ways to help people make money online. You’ll be rewarded handsomely for it. 
  2. Sports Niche: This niche can make you go viral in a few days. If you can get people access to live matches, highlights, and even remarkable sports compilations, you will grow your YouTube quickly. However, this niche is highly competitive, and there is the problem of copyright every time.
  3. Mystery and Crime Stories: Very few things capture the attention of YouTube audiences like mystery, crime, and paranormal stories. Do you have eerie stories to tell? Tell them on YouTube. Enhance your stories with good video footage, and watch your channel grow quickly. 
  4. How-to: This niche is about teaching people how to do particular things. How to attract your crush, remove a bad tooth, fix a bad tyre, etc. Your videos can be about just anything.]
  5. Others: Other niches also great for starters include cryptocurrency, graphic design, nature sounds, movies, housekeeping, art, painting, etc. 

How to Upload a Video on YouTube

Uploading videos on YouTube is simple. Once you have created and edited your video, go to YouTube on your smartphone or PC. You will see a plus sign which says “Upload Your Video” Click on it and upload your ready video.

Before your video is uploaded, you’ll be required to give a title and a description. 

Your video content’s title and description must be rich in the keywords you are trying to rank for. Using keyword-rich titles and descriptions is not the same as keyword stuffing. Keywords stuffing is when you overuse the keywords of the target, which may do more harm than good. 

Below the description box is another box area called the tags. YouTube tags are search-focused keywords that help your video show up and rank in search results. You should already know that you must use relevant and related keywords inside the tags, like the description.

One last thing to do before uploading your video is to make a thumbnail for your video. A YouTube thumbnail is the display image in your video’s first frame. When your video appears in search results, your thumbnail is what users see at first. 

You should have a thumbnail for every video content you make.

Your YouTube Thumbnail should also be catchy. There are free online resources for making thumbnails- Canva is an example.

How to Make Money on YouTube

There are more than a couple of ways to make money from your YouTube Channel. In his section, you will learn their most common and most rewarding.

  1. Become a YouTube Partner: The YouTube Partners Program is a provision created by YouTube to allow creators to make money from their content on the platform. As a partner, YouTube can place adverts in your video, and you make money from it. 

To qualify for the YouTube Partners Program, there are four major requirements: Your channel must have up to 1000 subscribers, your channel must have received up to 4000 hours of watch time, your channel must not have any active community strike, and your account must be secured on the Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA)

Of these four, 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers are the most major. If you focus on creating valuable content in your niche, your 4000 hours of watch and 1000 subscribers will soon be complete.

Once you complete them and you qualify for the partner’s program, follow the following steps to activate monetization: 

  • Go to YouTube Studio
  • Go to Creators Studio Classic
  • Click on the channel, then “Status and Features.”
  • Click on the monetization tab and enable it.
  1. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing on YouTube can easily pay your bills when you have the right kind of traffic. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to wait until your subscribers count 1000 before you start. You can start anytime. 

Affiliate marketing is as simple as recommending products and services to your audience. When they buy through the link you provide them, you earn a percentage commission as an affiliate. 

  1. Sponsored Content: You can connect with brands to promote their products or services for sponsorship. Most YouTubers do this and make a lot of money from it. To get a sponsorship deal, you need to find a company in a similar niche. You might need to prepare a proposal to present this to them immediately. Reach out to them and wait for their response.

Sponsorship deals are often the sweetest because it’s winner takes. And you are the winner. You won’t be sharing your money with anybody, YouTube included. 

2. Promoting your Products/ Services: Once you have a reliable stream of traffic and a growing subscriber base, you can start selling your products or services to them. For example, if you have a body fitness YouTube channel, most of your audience want a better body shape. You can create for them a guide on how to achieve the perfect body they want. That is what this monetization strategy is all about. 

Final Take

Getting 1000 subscribers may be the biggest hurdle to cross to make money online on YouTube. To quickly realize 1000 subscribers, these are my final tips:

  • Create good content videos
  • Engage meaningfully with similar channels like your own on YouTube
  • Never underestimate social media traffic
  • Use forums like Quora and Reddit to drive traffic to your channel
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