How to Start a Blog in Nigeria 2023: Complete Beginner’s Guide to Making Money from Blogging


Is it true that people make hundreds of thousands monthly from a blog? Do you feel uneasy in your stomach and want to do it too? But you need to learn how to get started. No problem again, because you have come to the right place. Here, I will teach you how to start a blog in Nigeria in 2023 as a complete beginner. And let me promise you something: if you read this guide to the end and do everything I ask you to do, you can start making money online with your blog within 2-3 months. I guarantee you.

Contrary to what you may have heard, blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But it is a sure way to make money online. You will have to put in the work, research, sweat, and sometimes stay up at night for a few months. After the first few months of serious work, return here and drop your testimonies.

Before you go deeper into this guide, let me warn you about it. This guide is explosive; it is magnetic and seriously breathtaking. As a result, you will want to quickly run off to start your blog.

Don’t do it.

Learn all I have to teach you first; then, you start implementing after.
Now, let’s get on the canoe and sail.

Blogging for Money in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Let us start by start by understanding what blogging is all about.

What is Blogging

In the early days of the internet, people recorded their daily activities and events on websites. In other words, they used to log activities on the web, for example, just like having a journal or diary where you write down things you want. 

However, it was not called a diary or journal; it was called weblogging. When you “write” something on a digital device or space, you “log” that thing. 

Then, web logging was shortened to blogging.

The internet evolved, and people started seeking out information online. Websites that had relevant content were shown to searchers. 

The rest is the story. We are not here for that.

So, essentially, blogging is having a website and putting content on it so that people searching for similar things can see it. The people who come to read your blog content are called your audience. But, in more technical blogging language, you call them “traffic.”

Nowadays, blogging is to make money, so you need the traffic to do that. In fact, the more your blog traffic, the more your potential to make money online from it. We will talk about traffic much later.

What Are the Skills You Need to Start Blogging?

Blogging is actually quite simple, but it is not easy. It is not a walk in the park. You need a few essential skills that will help you achieve your goal faster. 

To start a blog in Nigeria, you need the following skills.

  • Ability to Write: As a blogger, there is no way you can escape this. You must know how to write in an exciting style for your audience. A blog is about content, and it is also about people. And because the content doesn’t read itself, people read them. You owe your audience a writing ability to make appealing content. The more appealing your content and information presentation, the more likeness you get from people sharing your blog posts to their circle of influence. That way, you will rapidly gain followership.

There are a thousand and one reasons to learn how to write before you start a blog. One is to minimize the cost of operating a blog in the early stages. People will tell you that you can hire writers to write for you, which is true. And if you get lucky or have enough money, you may get to hire competent ones. However, you’re most likely a beginner who is on a budget. You may not have the money to throw around for writers. So, learning to write well by yourself is important.

  • Research Skills: I don’t mean research like a Physics Professor. By research, I mean the patience and practice of digging beyond what is commonly known to get fresh angles and insights. This will help you uncover perspectives you can present in your blog posts. 

This is a beneficial one. The reason is that it helps you establish your voice as an authority in your niche.

I’ll tell you what a niche is very soon. 

  • Consistency: Most people who have been frustrated in their attempt to make money from blogging are so because they are inconsistent. They may work very hard for a bit of time and then stop doing it, to then start over, only to stop again after some time. Nobody will make any serious means of blogging with this approach. 

I should tell you early now blogging for money is serious business. 

I know people who make $1000 monthly; some make that in a day or two. It is about consistency. Once you start writing and publishing, you must make sure to do it regularly. This is where you need a content strategy.

  • Ability to Learn Always: You must be willing to improve your knowledge in your chosen niche. For example, if you’re blogging in the health niche, stay updated on the latest trends. This is what guarantees you maintain your blog to keep it fresh and relevant. 

Nobody wants to read that chloroquine cures malaria. 

Choosing a Blogging Niche

A blogging niche is a small slice of a specific industry in which you have decided to blog. Choosing a blogging niche is very important for your success in the blogging journey. This is because a niche allows you to realize your goal in less time. Also, a niche reduces the competition you will face in blogging. 

Why are we talking about the blogging niche? The answer is simple- DO NOT BLOG ABOUT EVERYTHING! 

Even if you were a fantastic super hot like Bumblebee, you can’t blog about everything.

Most beginners are enticed with the illusion that if they have a blog that talks about many things, they will have tons of visitors and, thus, massive income potential. 

This is often a deception. Search engines, especially Google, love industry-focused blogs/websites because they see them as an authority. The difference between a generic blog and a niche blog is the difference between a grocery shop and a wine shop. Do you get it? 

Most blogs with “how to start blogging” content out there will not tell you what I am about to reveal. It’s a secret.

Don’t ever start a blog before choosing a profitable blogging niche. Read that again.

How to Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche

You must have heard this statement before following your passion. Well, it’s great advice. But, in blogging, I mean in profitable blogging, don’t just follow your passion; it is necessary to make sure that your passion has relevance to what people are searching for. As a matter of fact, I advise that you should start treating blogging more like a business than a passion. 

The business of blogging includes:

  • Researching and learning about profitable niches.
  • Gaining some knowledge about them.
  • Launching a blog on the researched niches.
  • Making money online from them. 

So, what is a profitable niche? A profitable niche is one where there is low competition, medium-high volume, and where advertisers can and are ready to spend reasonable amounts on marketing and advertisements. 

The amount advertisers can spend is what amounts to your CPC – Cost Per Click. CPC is a technical term that you will understand later. But for now, focus.

Now, to choose a profitable niche, think about your common searches on Google. Anything you have searched for many times? That is a profitable niche. Because people are always seeking out information in this area, some advertisers want their services and products to be displayed to someone seeking relevant information. 

The only challenge you will face when you jump into this sort of niche, however, is competition. Because a niche could be profitable, but it is hopeless for a new blogger without knowledge of SEO to start and become competitive in these niches. 

To solve this problem, I have provided below a list of the best niches for blogging in Nigeria, especially for beginners. 

9 Easy Blogging Niches in Nigeria

  1. Celebrity Lifestyle: This niche is about blogging about famous celebrities. The mistake most new bloggers who are starting out in this niche make is that they want to talk about all the celebrities and their lifestyles. If you do this, your blog has turned into a news and entertainment blog. To succeed here, pick between two-five stars and consistently blog about them. The celebrities you choose must be popular, have an active social media life, and be controversial. In this regard, Tonto Dikeh and Portable are very good examples. If you do this, you will quickly set up your blog as an authority website, and in 1-2 months, your traffic will boom. If you wish, you can niche up to include more categories.
  2. Ankara Fashion: Afro lifestyle has gone global. All the world over, people are getting drunk on Afrobeats, Afro-food, and Afro-anything. This explains why Ankara fashion has been receiving a lot of attention. This is one of the most accessible niches for new bloggers in Nigeria.
  3. Indigenous Food Recipes: Do you remember how often you wanted to prepare fried rice or moin-moin only to bunk it because you didn’t know how? Turns out there are millions of people out there just like you. Food recipe blogs are easy to set up, and you can get consistent traffic sooner than you imagined. Although the food niche is especially large and competitive, indigenous food recipes are delicious and beginner-friendly
  4. Smartphone blog: This is a sub-niche in the tech niche. It has to do with phones. You can decide to even niche down on this to maybe one or two brands. You can do iPhones and Samsung. What will you be talking about? Many things ranging from reviews to comparisons, hacks, fixes, upgrades, how-tos, etc. 
  5. Music blog: This niche is superb. But the competition is fierce, just as the volume is crazy. The secret to success here is timely content, SEO, getting juicy backlinks from high DA websites, etc.
  6. Make Money Online (MMO): The MMO niche has spiked up recently. Tons of people want to find a way to make money online. You can tap into this, as many people have already done. If you know one or two ways to make money online, this is your niche. 
  7. Language Translation: This niche is one of these niches people never consider. Every day, thousands of people want to know how to say common statements in a local language. It could be Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Efik, etc. Why not help them and make money doing it?
  8. Fintech Blogs: This is a sub-niche in the finance niche category. It is focused on fintech, financial technology. The audience is ever-increasing. Since fintechs are many and relatively new in Nigeria, there are problems that people want answers to regarding these fintech services. Like “how to use virtual barter card for payment online.” Provide solutions for people on your blog and watch you do hundreds of dollars in revenue within a few months. Biography Niche: This is also an easy blogging niche for beginners. You can never run out of content ideas in this niche. If you have little knowledge of SEO, you should start here. 
  9. Education and Travel: You might be wondering why I combined the education and travel niches. They are both solid niches on their own. But, they are separately each saturated. Big blogs and big names are already in the niches, and most ready keywords are somewhat dominated. Now, I have combined the two into the travel niche. You should already have an idea of what it is about. This is a blog niche that is focused on education abroad. Millions of students are looking for study and travel opportunities. You can provide them with reliable information on how to do this and make money. This niche can be highly rewarding. But you must be patient and work consistently for the first few months. 

There are hundreds of other profitable niches. It only takes research and brainstorming to find them. Overall, the niches I listed above are not just profitable; they are also easy to break into for beginners.

Getting Domain Name and Hosting

Before you get a domain name, you must know the niche you are getting into. Which is why I decided to talk about niches before this section.]

So, what is a domain name? Your blog/website domain name is the title that locates your blog on the internet. It is unique for you. For example, the domain name of this website is The .com is called the extension. Many other extensions include .org, .net, .blog, .online, and even geo-specific ones like .ng and These geo-specific extensions often indicate that it is a blog intended for audiences in a particular country. 

How to Choose a Domain Name

Your domain name should be unique and relevant to your chosen niche. This is my blog, where I teach people how to make seven figures, hence the name

If you are in the food recipes niche, an example of good domain name is or, or Try and come up with better ones.


Hosting Your Blog

The next thing is hosting. Think about hosting like the land where you build your blog. You will have to rent it to start your blog. Hosting companies are the ones that provide the renting services. 

Your hosting company can help or frustrate your blogging efforts. This is why hosting your website with a reliable hosting company is essential. A reliable hosting company will ensure your blog is always visible. This is called uptime. The standard uptime is 99.99%. But you can still make do with 99.93% upwards. Anything less than that may negatively impact your blog growth. 

Best Recommended Hosting Providers for Nigerians

  1. Namecheap: Namecheap is not only famous for providing cheap domain names, but their hosting service is unique. Cheap, secure, and reliable are the words for them. Little wonder why this is the favorite hosting provider for Nigerians. 
  2. Bluehost: Recommended by WordPress, Bluehost is a top-notch hosting service provider for Nigerians. They have good customer support and advanced user security systems, and the c-panel is easy to use. I recommend Bluehost.
  3. Hostinger: Cheap and fast, Hostinger’s diverse hosting services are not only suitable for beginners, but it is also super reliable. The UI of the control panel is perhaps one of the easiest to navigate.
  4. Harmon Webhosting: This Nigerian hosting service is also fast and reliable. Harmon Webhosting services are cheap and reliable. This might be the best option if you don’t have a dollar card to pay for hosting with international hosting providers. 

Setting up Your Blog

After decided your hosting provider, the next thing is to go ahead and purchase your domain and hosting. I will not go into the proper details of doing that here. Meanwhile, here is a video resource on how to buy your domain name and hosting on Namecheap, click to see the video.

Now you can begin setting up your blog. Follow the following steps from your control panel (c-panel)

  • Install WordPress: WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is built to handle your blogging neatly. Some web hosting will have pre-installed WordPress for you. If otherwise, find under your c-panel a tab with the name “Softacullous,” click on it, and you’ll see WordPress. Run the installation.
  • After installing WordPress and you are in the back-end of your website, head over to the themes section, under appearance and install and activate any of these three themes.
    • Astra
    • GeneratePress
    • PressMag
  • Head over to the plugins section and install the following:
    • Really Simple SSL
    • Google Site Kit
    • Yoast SEO
    • Classic Editor
    • Elementor
    • Essential Addons
    • Header and Footer
    • Jetpack
  • Go to settings, locate the “Permalinks” panel, and change the “Common Settings” to “Post Name.”
  • Important Pages to Build
    • About 
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
    • Disclaimer 

You can easily generate content for these pages online.

How to Generate Constant Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic is to a blogger what patients are to doctors. That is why we blog; to get traffic and make money from the traffic. There are many ways to generate traffic to your blog. The most effective and essential practice is to have quality content on your blog.

Blogging is about content, so they say content is king on the internet. A lot of quality content is king. 

How can you create quality content?

Quality content provides value for your audience. To create quality content, you need to research what problem people want to solve and what information people are looking for in your niche, understand their issues, and create content to solve their problems. This is what we call creating value. 

It is content that will give you traffic. Once you have quality content, you can start thinking of other traffic generation strategies like:

  • Social media traffic 
  • Forum traffic
  • Guest posting
  • Backlink building etc

How to Make Money on Your Blog

Successful bloggers make a lot of money daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. They do this through different monetization strategies. 

  1. Adsense: The most popular traffic monetization strategy for blog owners is using Adsense to make money online. Even as a Nigerian blogger, you can make an unbelievable amount of money from Adsense with your blog. Once you get consistent traffic on your blog, opt in for Adsense. If you are approved to show ads on your website, the rest is to keep publishing and keep smiling to the bank.
  2. Other advertisement Networks: There are several alternatives to Adsense that are just as good. Some have stricter or more lenient conditions for approval.
    1. Adsterra
    2. Ezoic
    3. MediaNet
    4. Pop Ads
    5. Propeller Ads etc 

These are all honorable mentions.

  1. Affiliate Marketing: Bloggers make guaranteed and passive income with affiliate marketing. This is about recommending products and services to your audience. You get a percentage commission as an affiliate when they buy the products you recommend. One thing about going the affiliate marketing route is that you do not need a specific amount of traffic to do it. 
  2. Sponsored Posts: Once your blog begins to reach some traffic threshold, brands can reach out to you, or you can reach out to them to tell them that your blog can promote their brands. If you agree, you can start making sponsored posts for them, and they will pay you to expose their brand to your audience. 

There are many other monetization strategies, but these are the best.


We have discussed blogging, getting started, skills you need, profitable blogging niches, getting your domain name and hosting, setting up your blog, traffic generation, and blog monetization. I am confident that this is pretty much everything you need to get started the right way. 

Blogging can change your life if you take it seriously. Start today.

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